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Tongxing's most advanced products of copper aluminum fin type condenser and evaporator, which have already been widely used in Commercial Refrigeration, AUTO AC, Commercial & Residential AC .  High heat exchange efficiency,automatic process production line, mechanical welding arm, high standard internal cleaness , over 20 models production line, tube pipe covers  ( ф5mm, ф6mm, ф7mm, ф7.94mm, ф9.52mm , ф12.7mm.ф15.88mm ). Use high quality aluminum foil and high strength aluminum pipe to straight pulling expanding pipe, to make fins and pipes combine tightly . Composing professional bending machine for molding, no-clean braze technology,high pressure leakage test,fluoride-free clean, degrease painting,nitorgen protection. The all aluminum evaporator & condenser has high heat exchange performance , light , less welding points and etc.. Our craft processing of inner cleanness and anti-corrosion is the most advanced over the world . Which is widely applied in HFC,CFC and etc.. refrigerants.

Cold Storage Refrigeration Air Conditioning Evaporator Condenser
Cold Storage Refrigeration Air Conditioning Evaporator Condenser

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